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Tiny Mighty Farewell

Due to special circumstances, we are very saddened to inform players that Tiny Mighty will be ending its run as one of the oldest and most loved AMZ Games.More >>
April 21st, 2017 - 06:28 EST

AMZ Official Site Maintenance Announcement Feb.27

To improve your gaming experience and update the database of our games, the official site of AMZGame will have its maintenance on February 27th, 2017 from 02:00 to 03:00 EST / 07:00-8:00 UTC (Feb. 26 23:00 – Feb.27 00:00 PST). More >>
February 22nd, 2017 - 03:44 EST


  • Mind Reader

    Encouragement : Encourage all teammates, and restores their HP.

    Oblivion : Silence all targets.

    Mind Control : Seduce enemies to attack their teammates.

    Leadership : Enhance all teammates' PATK and MATK.

  • Ice Witch

    Soul Symphony : Use her mind to make all targets fall into sleep.

    Seduction : Seduce an enemy to change target.

    Diamond Skin : Change into diamond and prevent her from all physical damage.

    Diamond stance : Passive increase STR.

  • Hurricane

    Thunderstorm : Summon Storm to attack all enemies and deal damage.

    Thunderbolt : Control lightning to attack an enemy.

    Gale : Toss an enemy into tornado.

    Force of Nature : Passive increase MATK.

  • Icicle

    Absolute Zero : Icicle uses extreme cold to attack rivals and deal sustained damage.

    Frost : Cast Ice Power to freeze an enemy.

    Frost Armor : Provide ice-armor for all teammates.

    Frost Presence : Icicle creates a Frost Presence to reduce all enemies' attack speed and resistance.

  • Sword

    Rend : A sweeping strike causes damage to all enemies.

    Impale : Sword throws a blade to impales all enemies.

    Deadly Grenades : Sword throws a smoke bomb to reduce enemies' hit rate.

    I am Sword : Passive increase STR.

  • Electro Shock

    King of Thunder : The electrical transient deals huge damage to all enemies.

    Thunder Orb : Electro shock launches a Thunder Orb deal damage to the last enemy.

    Forked Lightning : Electro shock randomly attacks three enemies by lightning.

    Phantom Lightning : Electro shock controls lightning to attack last enemy.

  • Winter Warrior

    Strafe : Shooting all enemies!

    Get a Shoot : Winter warrior uses gun to stun an enemy.

    Robotic Arm : His Robotic arms convulse ground to stuns all enemies and deal damage.

    Patience : Passive increase STR.

  • Poison

    Vomitoxin : Use toxic gas and deal massive damage to all enemies.

    Posion Grume : Throw poison and cause sustained damage to the last enemy.

    Virus Spreading : Virus will make enemies sick and reduce their attack speed.

    Pathogeni Corganism : Poison is much stronger than others and he can enhance his PAMR.

  • Dead Man

    Eye of the Death : This powerful skill creates fatal DMG, enemies with lower HP, get more DMG.

    Flame and Brimstone : Dead man summons flame to attack enemies and deal damage.

    Hell Fire Burst : Dead man uses iron chain with hellfire to attack enemies.

    The Force of Undead : Absorb energy from ghosts, enhance PATK and armor.

  • Maroon Witch

    Quietus : Maroon witch summons magic balls to attack all enemies and cause area MATK.

    Red Armor : Maroon witch can transfer her energy to her teammates and create armors to absorb MDMG.

    Polymorph : Maroon Witch said: "You are an animal."

    Chaos and Decay : Maroon witch destroys everything in her chaotic space.

  • Jeannie Grey

    Phoenix : Jeannie grey summons Phoenixes to attack all enemies and deal damage.

    Impulse : Cast Impulse wave to attack all enemies.

    Silence : Silence several enemies.

    Destroy : Jeannie grey changes into a Phoenix and attack all enemies with fire.

  • Metal Mask

    Bombarded : Bombarded all enemies!

    EMC-11 : This is the high-tech missile!

    Charge : Charge energy for armor and enhance armor.

    Solar Armor : Metal Mask's Solar Armor can absorb enemies' energy.

  • Grout

    Lifebloom : Grout heals all teammates and increases their armors.

    Entangling Roots : Grout casts vine to twine an enemy.

    Barkskin : The Grout's skin becomes tough bark.

    Tree of Life : Help Grout to restore his HP every 3 Secs.

  • Dark Shadow

    Wind Blade : Controls tornado to attack all enemies and damage them.

    Howl of Terror : Dark shadow uses sound wave to attack all enemies.

    Natural Response : His sound causes volcanoes and damage all targets.

    Shadow : Passive increase the MATK.

  • Black Spider

    Ninja : Use Ninja and deal massive damage to an enemy.

    Rain of Bullets : Proficient use guns to shoot enemies.

    Gladiator : Her combat skills can help 3 teammates to increase attack speed.

    Insight : Use it to be alert and passive increase dodge.

  • Hot Head

    Bombardment : Use cannon to attack all enemies and deal damage.

    Inverse Command : Stop enemies to cast skills and silence targets.

    Aimed Shot : Hot head aims an enemy and damage the enemy.

    Strategy Expert : Increase all teammate's PATK.

  • Cat Lady

    Time Travel : Cast Space Travel to make herself be imperceptible.

    Sneak : Cat lady sneaks to attack an enemy and absorb enemy's energy.

    Crack Space : Shield a MAMR for a teammate, help mate to prevent MDMG and become semitransparent.

    Mirage Space : Passive increase all teammates' MATK.

  • Miss Buzz

    Wind Blade : Cast wind to attack an enemy.

    Howl of Death : Buzz makes destruct houl to attack enemies.

    Injector : Buzz's poison makes an enemy sick.

    Feral Instinct : Enhance Miss Buzz's INT.

  • Rabid Racoon

    Let Bullets Fly : Fire Cannonball to attack enemy.

    Little Chap : Use to increase his attack speed in a short time.

    Cull the weak : Mark an enemy and attack until the target dead.

    High-tech Weapons : Launch a missile and stun enemy briefly to deal damage.

  • Sabertooth

    Glyph of Ferocious Bite : Sabertooth makes combos hit to attack and stun targets.

    Howl of Cure : Help Sabertooth to restore his HP.

    Wildhammer : Thud on the ground to stun enemies and deal damage.

    Grimness : Passive increase resistance.

  • Wolfie

    Rebirth : Wolfie absorbs the damage and change into HP.

    Left Hand : Wolfie uses his strong left claw to attack enemies and damage them.

    Revenge : Wolfie sacrifices himslef to attack both sides and deal damage.

    Frenzy : Passive increase attack speed.

  • Miss Marvelous

    Field of Gravity : Change enemies' gravity to let them up and down quickly, stun enemies and deal damage.

    Master of Force : Miss marvelous can absorb all enemies' power.

    Marvelous : Store energy deal damage to all enemies, but it can be interrupted.

    Psychokinesis : Increase all teammates' resistance.

  • Flash Man

    Flint : Help Flash Man to move quickly and deal damage to enemies.

    QuickStrik : Flash man moves to enemies' back and deals them combos x3.

    Fast : Increase his attack speed in a short time.

    Shadow : Passive increase Mind Reader's dodge.

  • Thorn

    Fury Thunder : Fury causes lightning storm to attack all enemies.

    Quake : Thorn uses his Quake to thud groud and causes wide rages of damage and stun.

    QuakeX : Throw Quake to attack enemies.

    Thunder : Call thunder to attack a target.

  • Laser Eyes

    Death Ray : Laser eyes uses strong laser to strafe front enemies and damage them.

    Strafe Ray : Laser eyes uses the laser to strafe all enemies.

    Strong Laser : Laser eyes aims at an enemy and attack the enemy.

    Laser Amplification : Increase all teammates' MATK.

  • La Cross

    Meteor : Summon a meteorolite to attack enemies.

    Ice Wall : La cross creates an Ice wall to reduce enemies' attack speed.

    Sunder : La cross detonates thunder to reduce enemies' energy and deal damage.

    Hypnotism : La cross randomly hypnotizes an enemy and stops his action.

  • The Hunk

    Bestial Fury : Bestial Fury makes the Hunk MATK immune, helps to increase his attack speed, attack and also restore a little HP.

    Thunder Clap : The hunk slams ground, stuns enemies and causes area of damage.

    Hunk's Fury : Hunk's fury helps him to restore some energy.

    Force of Potion : The Hunk's special ability can help him to restore HP.

  • Yu Gon Lose

    Genkidama : Gather an energy ball to hit all enemies and damage them.

    Chain Lightning : Cast lightning chain to damage random enemies.

    Flame Explosion : Yu Gon Lose summons flame to cause area of damage for enemies.

    Ice Strike : Yu Gon Lose frozens an enemy.

  • Capt Mars

    Reflection : Capt shield absorbs all DMG and reflect to enemies.

    Shield Slam : Capt Mars uses shield to stun and damage enemies.

    Capt Shield : Capt Mars throws his shield to damage enemies.

    Dash : Capt Mars uses the Cap Shield to strike enemies.

  • Gamble

    Cane Crump : Gamble throws his Cane to enemies, bomb with short delay and deals massive damage.

    Control : Gamble throws 3 cards to attack enemies.

    Expert of Explosives : Throw an energy card to stun an enemy and bomb.

    Mist Shadow : Gamble throws a smoke card to reduce all targrts' hit rate in the smoke area.

  • Human Fire

    Flame of Doom : Human fire controls fire to attack all enemies.

    Seed of Fire : Human fire uses fire to bomb, damage enemies and stun them.

    Fire Breath : Human fire spits fire to attack front enemies and deal MDMG.

    Flame Speed : Passive increase Human Fire's attack speed.

  • Sandy

    Funeral of Sand : Sandy creates quicksand to shock all enemies and deal damage.

    Thorn of Sand : Sandy creates thorn to attack and stun targets.

    Dust : Control sandstorm to bewilder enemies, reduce their hit rate and cause DOT.

    Sand Stance : Passive enhance armor.

  • Blip

    Transfer : Summons a space gate to deal damage and transfer a middle or back enemy to front.

    Death Dagger : Throw a dagger and move to the front of an enemy quickly.

    Space Transfer : Blip summons space gate to transfer DMG.

    Force of Space : Passive increase the dodge.

  • Sentri

    The Double : Sentri releases latent power to enhance himself and ignore MATK.

    War Stomp : Sentri slams ground, stuns and damages enemies.

    Outbreak : Sentri's superpowers outbreaks, attacks all enemies in his area.

    I am not Superman : Sentri uses his powerful weapon to attack enemies and damage them.

  • Mr. Fab

    Flurry : Mr. Fab stretches his arms to attack all enemies and deal damage.

    Transformers : Mr. Fab changes his arms into hammer, attacks enemies and damages them.

    Rubber Body : Mr. Fab uses his max ability to reflect enemies' attack in a short time.

    Lifemanship : Passive increase DEX.

  • The Rock

    War Hammers : The rock smashes ground, stuns enemies nearby and deals damage.

    Expulso : The rock raises stones to attack enemies nearby, damage and stun them.

    Vigor : The rock hurls enemy and deals damage.

    Force of Rock : Passive increase STR.

  • Red Fury

    Death Waltz : Red fury dances with swords, deals several huge damages to enemies.

    Totentanz : Red fury uses double swords to deal massive damage to enemies.

    Invocation : Red fury prays for himself to restore HP.

    Savage Leap : Red fury leaps to cut enemies and damage, also makes them bloody.

  • Magnet Man

    Magnetic Burst : Control magnetic field to make cars towards to enemies and damage all of them.

    Bind : Control cable iron to shackle enemies so that they can't attack and move.

    Magnetic : Magnet man throws 3 balls in hand to attack 3 radom targets and deal damage.

    Leadership : Increase all teammates' PATK and MATK.

  • Starry

    Bucket Dance : Starry attracts 3 random enemies to watch him dance.

    EMP : Launch EMP to attack enemies and damage them.

    Flame Chompers : Toss out 3 chompers to attack enemies, make explosive and cause sustainable fire damage.

    Old Song : Starry listens to Mom's tapes…Increase attack speed and DEX.

  • Furrious

    Tiger's Fury : Furrious metamorphoses into Beast to attack and stun enemies.

    War Cry : Furrious's howl can reduce all enemies' attack.

    Ferocious Bite : Furrious bites enemies and makes them bloody.

    Leader of the Pack : Passive increase armor.

  • Angry Ant

    Largen : Angry Ant gets bigger that can increase his max HP and restore a little HP.

    Biological Impulse : Angry Ant puts out biological impulse to damage enemies.

    Biological Waves : Angry Ant controls ants to bits enemies, cause DOT.

    Lessen : Angry Ant can change body's size to passive dodge attack.

  • Miss Missing

    Sonic Wave : Miss Missing casts Sonic Wave to attack all enemies, deals massive MDMG.

    Invisible Shield : Armored for all teammates and prevent them from any damage in a short time.

    Invisibility : Make a front enemy invisible, let teammates ignore that enemy and attack others.

    Indestructible : Randomly increase 2 teammates' dodge.

  • The Archer

    God Toilet : Shoot the God's toilet to samsh all enemies and cause damage.

    1 stoneX3 birds : Shot a plug into the sky…use arrows to attack enemies.

    Big Toilet : "It is still hot..." Randomly deal massive damage to an enemy.

    Hawkeye : Passive increase DEX.

  • Dr Octopi

    Ammo Burst : Dr octopi bursts all weapons to attack all enemies and stuns them.

    Arm Machine Gun : Dr octopi fires bullets from his Robotic arm and causes 4 times damage to enemies.

    Special Missile : Dr octopi launches a missile to stun and damage all enemies.

    Scientist : Passive increase INT.

  • Arachnid

    Advanced Cobweb : Unique cobweb can damage enemies and reduce their attack speed.

    Feeder : It is not a drink, it is my childhood. Increase his attack speed.

    Trump Fighter : Archnid uses his combat skills to make a combos hit.

    Hot Pursuit : Passive increase Dodge.


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