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Tiny Mighty Maintenance Announcement (17th Jun)

Tiny Mighty Maintenance Announcement (17th Jun)More >>
June 17th, 2016 - 12:35 EST

Tiny Mighty Servers Merging Events Announcement (17th May.)

Servers Merging EventsMore >>
May 17th, 2016 - 09:22 EST


  • Mind Reader

    Encouragement : Encourage all teammates, and restores their HP.

    Oblivion : Silence all targets.

    Mind Control : Seduce enemies to attack their teammates.

    Leadership : Enhance all teammates' PATK and MATK.

  • Ice Witch

    Soul Symphony : Use her mind to make all targets fall into sleep.

    Seduction : Seduce an enemy to change target.

    Diamond Skin : Change into diamond and prevent her from all physical damage.

    Diamond stance : Passive increase STR.

  • Hurricane

    Thunderstorm : Summon Storm to attack all enemies and deal damage.

    Thunderbolt : Control lightning to attack an enemy.

    Gale : Toss an enemy into tornado.

    Force of Nature : Passive increase MATK.

  • Icicle

    Absolute Zero : Icicle uses extreme cold to attack rivals and deal sustained damage.

    Frost : Cast Ice Power to freeze an enemy.

    Frost Armor : Provide ice-armor for all teammates.

    Frost Presence : Icicle creates a Frost Presence to reduce all enemies' attack speed and resistance.

  • Sword

    Rend : A sweeping strike causes damage to all enemies.

    Impale : Sword throws a blade to impales all enemies.

    Deadly Grenades : Sword throws a smoke bomb to reduce enemies' hit rate.

    I am Sword : Passive increase STR.

  • Electro Shock

    King of Thunder : The electrical transient deals huge damage to all enemies.

    Thunder Orb : Electro shock launches a Thunder Orb deal damage to the last enemy.

    Forked Lightning : Electro shock randomly attacks three enemies by lightning.

    Phantom Lightning : Electro shock controls lightning to attack last enemy.

  • Winter Warrior

    Strafe : Shooting all enemies!

    Get a Shoot : Winter warrior uses gun to stun an enemy.

    Robotic Arm : His Robotic arms convulse ground to stuns all enemies and deal damage.

    Patience : Passive increase STR.

  • Poison

    Vomitoxin : Use toxic gas and deal massive damage to all enemies.

    Posion Grume : Throw poison and cause sustained damage to the last enemy.

    Virus Spreading : Virus will make enemies sick and reduce their attack speed.

    Pathogeni Corganism : Poison is much stronger than others and he can enhance his PAMR.

  • Dead Man

    Eye of the Death : This powerful skill creates fatal DMG, enemies with lower HP, get more DMG.

    Flame and Brimstone : Dead man summons flame to attack enemies and deal damage.

    Hell Fire Burst : Dead man uses iron chain with hellfire to attack enemies.

    The Force of Undead : Absorb energy from ghosts, enhance PATK and armor.

  • Maroon Witch

    Quietus : Maroon witch summons magic balls to attack all enemies and cause area MATK.

    Red Armor : Maroon witch can transfer her energy to her teammates and create armors to absorb MDMG.

    Polymorph : Maroon Witch said: "You are an animal."

    Chaos and Decay : Maroon witch destroys everything in her chaotic space.

  • Jeannie Grey

    Phoenix : Jeannie grey summons Phoenixes to attack all enemies and deal damage.

    Impulse : Cast Impulse wave to attack all enemies.

    Silence : Silence several enemies.

    Destroy : Jeannie grey changes into a Phoenix and attack all enemies with fire.

  • Metal Mask

    Bombarded : Bombarded all enemies!

    EMC-11 : This is the high-tech missile!

    Charge : Charge energy for armor and enhance armor.

    Solar Armor : Metal Mask's Solar Armor can absorb enemies' energy.

  • Grout

    Lifebloom : Grout heals all teammates and increases their armors.

    Entangling Roots : Grout casts vine to twine an enemy.

    Barkskin : The Grout's skin becomes tough bark.

    Tree of Life : Help Grout to restore his HP every 3 Secs.

  • Dark Shadow

    Wind Blade : Controls tornado to attack all enemies and damage them.

    Howl of Terror : Dark shadow uses sound wave to attack all enemies.

    Natural Response : His sound causes volcanoes and damage all targets.

    Shadow : Passive increase the MATK.

  • Black Spider

    Ninja : Use Ninja and deal massive damage to an enemy.

    Rain of Bullets : Proficient use guns to shoot enemies.

    Gladiator : Her combat skills can help 3 teammates to increase attack speed.

    Insight : Use it to be alert and passive increase dodge.

  • Hot Head

    Bombardment : Use cannon to attack all enemies and deal damage.

    Inverse Command : Stop enemies to cast skills and silence targets.

    Aimed Shot : Hot head aims an enemy and damage the enemy.

    Strategy Expert : Increase all teammate's PATK.

  • Cat Lady

    Time Travel : Cast Space Travel to make herself be imperceptible.

    Sneak : Cat lady sneaks to attack an enemy and absorb enemy's energy.

    Crack Space : Shield a MAMR for a teammate, help mate to prevent MDMG and become semitransparent.

    Mirage Space : Passive increase all teammates' MATK.

  • Miss Buzz

    Wind Blade : Cast wind to attack an enemy.

    Howl of Death : Buzz makes destruct houl to attack enemies.

    Injector : Buzz's poison makes an enemy sick.

    Feral Instinct : Enhance Miss Buzz's INT.

  • Rabid Racoon

    Let Bullets Fly : Fire Cannonball to attack enemy.

    Little Chap : Use to increase his attack speed in a short time.

    Cull the weak : Mark an enemy and attack until the target dead.

    High-tech Weapons : Launch a missile and stun enemy briefly to deal damage.

  • Sabertooth

    Glyph of Ferocious Bite : Sabertooth makes combos hit to attack and stun targets.

    Howl of Cure : Help Sabertooth to restore his HP.

    Wildhammer : Thud on the ground to stun enemies and deal damage.

    Grimness : Passive increase resistance.

  • Wolfie

    Rebirth : Wolfie absorbs the damage and change into HP.

    Left Hand : Wolfie uses his strong left claw to attack enemies and damage them.

    Revenge : Wolfie sacrifices himslef to attack both sides and deal damage.

    Frenzy : Passive increase attack speed.

  • Miss Marvelous

    Field of Gravity : Change enemies' gravity to let them up and down quickly, stun enemies and deal damage.

    Master of Force : Miss marvelous can absorb all enemies' power.

    Marvelous : Store energy deal damage to all enemies, but it can be interrupted.

    Psychokinesis : Increase all teammates' resistance.

  • Flash Man

    Flint : Help Flash Man to move quickly and deal damage to enemies.

    QuickStrik : Flash man moves to enemies' back and deals them combos x3.

    Fast : Increase his attack speed in a short time.

    Shadow : Passive increase Mind Reader's dodge.

  • Thorn

    Fury Thunder : Fury causes lightning storm to attack all enemies.

    Quake : Thorn uses his Quake to thud groud and causes wide rages of damage and stun.

    QuakeX : Throw Quake to attack enemies.

    Thunder : Call thunder to attack a target.

  • Laser Eyes

    Death Ray : Laser eyes uses strong laser to strafe front enemies and damage them.

    Strafe Ray : Laser eyes uses the laser to strafe all enemies.

    Strong Laser : Laser eyes aims at an enemy and attack the enemy.

    Laser Amplification : Increase all teammates' MATK.

  • La Cross

    Meteor : Summon a meteorolite to attack enemies.

    Ice Wall : La cross creates an Ice wall to reduce enemies' attack speed.

    Sunder : La cross detonates thunder to reduce enemies' energy and deal damage.

    Hypnotism : La cross randomly hypnotizes an enemy and stops his action.

  • The Hunk

    Bestial Fury : Bestial Fury makes the Hunk MATK immune, helps to increase his attack speed, attack and also restore a little HP.

    Thunder Clap : The hunk slams ground, stuns enemies and causes area of damage.

    Hunk's Fury : Hunk's fury helps him to restore some energy.

    Force of Potion : The Hunk's special ability can help him to restore HP.

  • Yu Gon Lose

    Genkidama : Gather an energy ball to hit all enemies and damage them.

    Chain Lightning : Cast lightning chain to damage random enemies.

    Flame Explosion : Yu Gon Lose summons flame to cause area of damage for enemies.

    Ice Strike : Yu Gon Lose frozens an enemy.

  • Capt Mars

    Reflection : Capt shield absorbs all DMG and reflect to enemies.

    Shield Slam : Capt Mars uses shield to stun and damage enemies.

    Capt Shield : Capt Mars throws his shield to damage enemies.

    Dash : Capt Mars uses the Cap Shield to strike enemies.

  • Gamble

    Cane Crump : Gamble throws his Cane to enemies, bomb with short delay and deals massive damage.

    Control : Gamble throws 3 cards to attack enemies.

    Expert of Explosives : Throw an energy card to stun an enemy and bomb.

    Mist Shadow : Gamble throws a smoke card to reduce all targrts' hit rate in the smoke area.

  • Human Fire

    Flame of Doom : Human fire controls fire to attack all enemies.

    Seed of Fire : Human fire uses fire to bomb, damage enemies and stun them.

    Fire Breath : Human fire spits fire to attack front enemies and deal MDMG.

    Flame Speed : Passive increase Human Fire's attack speed.

  • Sandy

    Funeral of Sand : Sandy creates quicksand to shock all enemies and deal damage.

    Thorn of Sand : Sandy creates thorn to attack and stun targets.

    Dust : Control sandstorm to bewilder enemies, reduce their hit rate and cause DOT.

    Sand Stance : Passive enhance armor.

  • Blip

    Transfer : Summons a space gate to deal damage and transfer a middle or back enemy to front.

    Death Dagger : Throw a dagger and move to the front of an enemy quickly.

    Space Transfer : Blip summons space gate to transfer DMG.

    Force of Space : Passive increase the dodge.

  • Sentri

    The Double : Sentri releases latent power to enhance himself and ignore MATK.

    War Stomp : Sentri slams ground, stuns and damages enemies.

    Outbreak : Sentri's superpowers outbreaks, attacks all enemies in his area.

    I am not Superman : Sentri uses his powerful weapon to attack enemies and damage them.

  • Mr. Fab

    Flurry : Mr. Fab stretches his arms to attack all enemies and deal damage.

    Transformers : Mr. Fab changes his arms into hammer, attacks enemies and damages them.

    Rubber Body : Mr. Fab uses his max ability to reflect enemies' attack in a short time.

    Lifemanship : Passive increase DEX.

  • The Rock

    War Hammers : The rock smashes ground, stuns enemies nearby and deals damage.

    Expulso : The rock raises stones to attack enemies nearby, damage and stun them.

    Vigor : The rock hurls enemy and deals damage.

    Force of Rock : Passive increase STR.

  • Red Fury

    Death Waltz : Red fury dances with swords, deals several huge damages to enemies.

    Totentanz : Red fury uses double swords to deal massive damage to enemies.

    Invocation : Red fury prays for himself to restore HP.

    Savage Leap : Red fury leaps to cut enemies and damage, also makes them bloody.

  • Magnet Man

    Magnetic Burst : Control magnetic field to make cars towards to enemies and damage all of them.

    Bind : Control cable iron to shackle enemies so that they can't attack and move.

    Magnetic : Magnet man throws 3 balls in hand to attack 3 radom targets and deal damage.

    Leadership : Increase all teammates' PATK and MATK.

  • Starry

    Bucket Dance : Starry attracts 3 random enemies to watch him dance.

    EMP : Launch EMP to attack enemies and damage them.

    Flame Chompers : Toss out 3 chompers to attack enemies, make explosive and cause sustainable fire damage.

    Old Song : Starry listens to Mom's tapes…Increase attack speed and DEX.

  • Furrious

    Tiger's Fury : Furrious metamorphoses into Beast to attack and stun enemies.

    War Cry : Furrious's howl can reduce all enemies' attack.

    Ferocious Bite : Furrious bites enemies and makes them bloody.

    Leader of the Pack : Passive increase armor.

  • Angry Ant

    Largen : Angry Ant gets bigger that can increase his max HP and restore a little HP.

    Biological Impulse : Angry Ant puts out biological impulse to damage enemies.

    Biological Waves : Angry Ant controls ants to bits enemies, cause DOT.

    Lessen : Angry Ant can change body's size to passive dodge attack.

  • Miss Missing

    Sonic Wave : Miss Missing casts Sonic Wave to attack all enemies, deals massive MDMG.

    Invisible Shield : Armored for all teammates and prevent them from any damage in a short time.

    Invisibility : Make a front enemy invisible, let teammates ignore that enemy and attack others.

    Indestructible : Randomly increase 2 teammates' dodge.

  • The Archer

    God Toilet : Shoot the God's toilet to samsh all enemies and cause damage.

    1 stoneX3 birds : Shot a plug into the sky…use arrows to attack enemies.

    Big Toilet : "It is still hot..." Randomly deal massive damage to an enemy.

    Hawkeye : Passive increase DEX.

  • Dr Octopi

    Ammo Burst : Dr octopi bursts all weapons to attack all enemies and stuns them.

    Arm Machine Gun : Dr octopi fires bullets from his Robotic arm and causes 4 times damage to enemies.

    Special Missile : Dr octopi launches a missile to stun and damage all enemies.

    Scientist : Passive increase INT.

  • Arachnid

    Advanced Cobweb : Unique cobweb can damage enemies and reduce their attack speed.

    Feeder : It is not a drink, it is my childhood. Increase his attack speed.

    Trump Fighter : Archnid uses his combat skills to make a combos hit.

    Hot Pursuit : Passive increase Dodge.


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